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Lovey Dovey Meme for 7 Year Anniversary by NightWolf714

Norv and I are currently on vacation in Colorado. We're celebrating our 7 year anniversary. The number 7 is pretty important to both of us so this is a very exciting time.

To celebrate on here, I'm posting the lovey dovey meme. <3

1. Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?
norvilion norvilion

2. How did you two meet?
During college, my dorm was hosting a cookout. I didn't really know anyone so I just sat down next to someone off to the side a bit. We started talking and it turned out we had a lot in common. We were going to the same club meeting afterwards and continued talking as we made our way towards it. We clicked pretty quickly. ^_^

3. When did y'all officially start dating?
Officially it was about a month after we meet. I asked if he liked me and he said yes. Then I got worried that he didn't know what I meant so I asked if he "liked liked" me. He said yes again. And then we started dating. XD

4. Did you meet online?
Meet IRL though I found out later that I did see a commission he had gotten before I met him. ^_^

5. What attracted you the most to him/her?
We had a lot in common, so there's that. But also his sense of humor. He always makes me smile. :)

6. Is he/she what you expected?
No but I'm not either at this point. We've both grown and, ya know, it's even better than I expected. :)

7. Did you kiss on your first date?
No, but that's really a hard question to ask since we didn't really do a lot of formal dating. It was mostly just hanging out all the time.

8. When did you first have sex?
As in full blown penetration and stuff? That would be on our honeymoon. <3

9. Do you live with them?
That we do, lol

10. Are they snugglers?
Most definitely! We both enjoy a nice cuddle. <3

11. What was the last compliment they gave you?
Looking at me while eating on a cookie, saying that I'm cute. ^_^

12. How long have you been dating?
9 years and some change, I think? Norv knows better than I do. (And yes, years married absolutely counts. Just because we got hitched doesn't mean we stopped dating each other.)

13. Would you spend the rest of your life with them?
Absolutely. <3

14. When will you see them next?
Unless I head onto bed like I'm tempted to do, it'll be when he gets out of the shower.

15. What interests do you share?
Near everything! Gaming, furry, art stuff, walking, animals, so very very much! I mean, it's not everything. But it's a good amount and it's nice to be able to share like that.

16. Is there something you regret?
I dunno. There are things I kinda wish I had differently plus little spats and such. But everything helped me and our relationship grow. I don't regret where we are now, so it's hard to regret the stuff that got us here.

17. What was the last thing he/she gave you?
Hmmm ... I'm not really sure, to be honest. Probably a picture he drew or something. Though he did let me get a fancier water-drink mix thingy than I was looking at, does that count?

18. What was the last thing you gave him/her?
Does kisses count? XD

19. Are you taller or shorter than them?
Oh honey, I'm shorter than everyone. :p

20. What is their personality?
He's pretty laid-back, stoic, and a bit social at times. Smart, innovative, and very kind. Though with a strong mischievous streak and curiosity about things. Trickster fox, that he is. XD

21. Are they a furry?
Yep. That's one of the things that helped us click. ^_^

22. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Typically when we sleep together I'm on the left by the wall so I can put my glasses down on the ledge. That said, because I sleep during the day we usually have the bed to ourselves.

Lovey Dovey Meme for 7 Year Anniversary


4 June 2015 at 22:32:25 MDT

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