badge commissions+FC2016+twitter questions by GuineaPigDan

Just a reminder, I'm open for badge commissions. I just made a price sheet here. Check them out!

In other news, I applied to the dealer's room at Further Confusion 2016 and wasn't chosen unfortunately. HOWEVER, I did make the waiting list so if a few people drop out and I make it in, I will announce it. Applications for the marketplace open up in August and I'll try that too. There's also Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend around Halloween and I sent an e-mail letting them know I'd be interested in having a table again there this year so once I get any updates on that, I'll announce that too. But even if I don't get a table at either convention, I still look forward to showing off my new fursuit head in a fursuit parade.

Speaking of my fursuit head... I really enjoy doing videos in it on Twitter. So if anyone ever feel like asking me a question, go ahead and send me one over Twitter and I might respond in a video as Peter. Just send it to @GuineaPigDan. Please no inappropriate questions though. I want to keep my answers G-PG level.

badge commissions+FC2016+twitter questions


3 June 2015 at 14:36:59 MDT

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