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O Hei...Where you been Burg? by Burgil

Ive been here; lurking and posting nothing like a super involved user ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ...

cough wheeze

I actually have been going to more conventions this year yaaaay! We got done with our first two of the year in April and May; FWA and BLFC. They were the first conventions Virus and I have ever flown to.

FWA was...Okay I'm not going to lie, it had its moments but it was by far the worst convention I've ever gone to. It was so hot and there were so many rude people x_x. Water was nowhere, waits for elevators were 40 minutes long both ways (in or out of suit...there was no courtacy there; we hardly suited at all because of this) and of course; DAMN ATLANTA YOU SCARY! People were getting mugged and cars stolen, homeless and drugged up people all over when you went outside, cops were plastered over the lobby at all times watching us yet helping nothing, brisndksbcbelk- needless to say it was kind of a depressing experience and we've written off ever going back.

That was a blast! it was so chill there and the whole event was SUPER well organized. Met up with a lot of friends, had a lot of laughs, and finally got to really get away and relax. Both Virus and I suited a ton~ Most likely we are going to try and make this one annual; it was too great not to. Plus we got to stay with our friend Slinks a bit before and after con in Sacramento! Thankyouforhavingusbae (´∀`)♡

As for what I've been up to otherwise...So the anime Aldnoah.Zero has kind of taken over my life cough Dont watch it its terrible (but do tho...but dont) You will cry...SO DAMN MUCH. It reminded me a tad of Gundam SEED which, is still my favorite series after all these years. So I'm rather attached to it ♡
Ive been buying ALL THE THINGS related to it like a chump. I finally set up proxys and shipping services so nothing can stop my collecting now! HUEHUEHUE I'm buying too much someone stop me.

But yea! Now we dont have another con till Furry Migration in Aug. then MFF in Dec. and until those I'll be...I dunno, working and being glued to Virus as usual haha. I'll get some con pictures rounded up from FWA and BLFC to post up soon, there are some really awesome ones!

PS Slinks influenced me to start a myfigurecollection account, if youre into that sort of thing. Feel free to friend me and junk:

O Hei...Where you been Burg?


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    I guess we will see you at Furry Migration then! :-)