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It's the final countdown! by Paper-Wings

Apologies for being so quiet. I'm coming up on the final weeks before graduation from University and the workload has been absolutely insane.
I am looking forward to holding my diploma in my hands and taking a year off from intensive studies. I will be moving to Washington state in pursue of my continued education, with the goal of becoming a Japanese-to-English translator. Washington state has programs in preparation for the translation certification exam, so that's the next step.
Since I will be moving from out of state, I will be taking a year break to avoid paying the astronomical out of state costs. This also allows me to find a job and actually save some money instead of pouring it all into the university. x_x Not to mention I will be needing a rest for my own sanity anyway.

Naturally during the middle period between moving and finding employment I will be needing a form of income, so I will be taking commissions again in full force in July. I may do some softer openings in June to build up to the workload, so keep an eye out.

Thank you all for being patient with me these three years with my very limited commission openings and small surges of personal art as I have been drowning in homework. I am looking forward to a level of freedom I haven't been able to enjoy since 2011.

It's the final countdown!


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    Best of luck! And will sure be visiting you and Wire in Washington as well ^^