More art coming soon! by Onyx Serpent

Hello fellow internet denizens! Hope you're doing well.

I'm going to be going through and posting some things and catching up on past messages hopefully by the end of the weekend. I have a bunch of development work for a comic project that I need to sort through and figure out what's all worth uploading and such --- mostly haven't been posting them because a fair amount of them are traditional and scanning = ughhh. I'm really happy with how it's been coming along, though, so hope you guys like it too. :D Really looking forward to doing final art for it.

I'm (still) wanting to start up commissions soon too, but am not 100% sure what kind. I kind of want to do some ink-based ones at some point, but not sure if that's the best right off the bat. Probably will just go for sketches and ink stuff though, and keep badges as an option 'cause those are super fun to do.

As you can see from my last journal, I didn't exactly get many replies about 'em. D: I really do want to do commissions but probably some combo of not having a zomg!huge audience and the fact I don't upload too often probably works against me. The questions there are still valid, so if you do wanna help me out, hopping back to that journal and answering would totally be epic of you. :)

Bug you all again in a few days with art!

More art coming soon!

Onyx Serpent

29 May 2015 at 12:03:28 MDT

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