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Hello all,

I wanted to let you guys know I'm opening up a Patreon account.

I know I'm still in the process of getting stuff lifted off of the ground and I've been told that Patreon would help me over time with more work I will put out. Decisive Desire is my dream, I want it to be a grand story that will never end and that people can related to my characters and be immersed in the world of Lithian.

With support I can devote all my free time to working on Decisive Desire, I'm ecstatic for it's future and excited to what I can put out to show everybody. Right now the rewards for Decisive Desire are minimal, I'm trying to get the tools necessary.

At the moment commissions are my only source of income and time spent that I could work on my graphic novel, is spent on commission work. I try my best to save up money to get the necessary tools, I have to say, it's an extremely slow process and you know sometimes I have to dip into my savings to buy food and pay bills.

I'm hoping with this I can have a somewhat steady source of income to be stable enough that I can put money aside just for Decisive Desire and improving my trade and even possibly go into art school to take professional classes for comic creating and 2D animation, any help is appreciated.

do note I will have some great perks like posters, t-shirts and etc in the future when I get everything up and running.

Thank you and I hope we all can share the dream of making Decisive Desire a reality.

Decisive Desire,
Steven Holland

Opening Patreon Account


28 May 2015 at 16:46:37 MDT

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    I'd like to see what kind of future merchandise you will offer in the near times

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      I know posters and shirts I'm sure I'll have other ideas.