Update on Chloe by Idess

I know many people were concerned and have been wondering about how my dog Chloe is doing after my last journal (https://www.weasyl.com/journal/84984/no-blfc-for-me-backing-out)

I'm happy to say that since last Thursday Chloe has only continued to improve and is feeling 100% better :) She's been getting weekly blood tests to check her liver values, and both tests so far have shown them to be dropping which is fantastic. Her levels are still very high, but since they're continously dropping week after week, then the meds are working and she is healing.

The vets still aren't 100% sure what she has/why she has it, but the meds she was on for Hepatitis are working and so that's the good sign. We're doing a titer test for Leptospirosis just in case (as Lepto is zoonotic and could be passed to me/my other dog/etc). Though Lepto is not likely, it is a possibility that we'd like to rule out just in case. We'll know by next week if it's Lepto or not. Otherwise, I guess all we can say is that it's Hepatitis in some form and we'll slowly wean her off certain meds to see if it's something she will get over, or if she'll have chronic issues the rest of her life. I know many people who's dogs have had liver issues in the past but got over it and just need monitoring to make sure it doesn't come back, so it will be a continuous thing to deal with for a while longer.

So we'll see where it goes from here; I'm just happy that she is healthy again and back to her old self :) She lost a bit of weight and almost all her muscle mass by being sick, so now we're focusing on some rehab and getting her strong again. It's crazy to think that just a few months ago she did a 7 mile summit hike, and now she gets tired from a 2 mile walk! But we'll work on it. I hope to be able to take her on our first 14er hike this July if possible; she's a little wonder dog :)

Thank you to everyone who expressed concern and sent good thoughts! It was really tough for the first week during her diagnosis/hospitalization but I'm just so glad it's over!

Update on Chloe


20 May 2015 at 11:07:23 MDT

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    Glad to hear things are moving in the right direction! Fingers crossed that the good news keeps coming.

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    I am glad your puppy is doing so much better! :D

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    Good to hear!

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    Glad to hear she is recovering :)