: A HeadsUp : by Shiko-Yote

I am working on Commissions on and off for the last month, progress is really slow as
several private RL issues had let me lost track.

My Aunt and Brother got in hospital.
She had a bad horse riding accident where she fell in coma, had to get her skull cut open and stuff.
for a bout 2 - 3 weeks she woke up and got in to rehab. She's progressing slowly, has to learn everything again.
Of course she is not the person she used to be before the accident. Its hard seeing her like that, she acts more like my son
and I try to deal with the situation.

My Brother had been diagnosed diabetes. And a moch higher one then I had. Was quite t he surprize.
He is doing pretty well by now and handles his diabetes pretty awesome too. He was with me when I visited my aunt in rehab.
I thank him a lot for that. He was solid as a rock ~

Also my mates grandfather got in hospital too. His kidneys didnt work anymore and he too, fell in a coma. He seems to do a bit better now as he is awake but who knows what time brings...

uugh anyway I forced myself a little to not let my self down to much and rather continue at a constant pace on my comms to get these done. I am still at the refining/inking process.

Bear with me a little longer and I do what I can to finish them ASAP.
Also Thank you an incredible amount for your patience! I wouldnt know what I would do if I did not have the luck for such patient commissioners <3 Really thank you soo much!

much love to you all! and hopefully really soon I can spam you some with my artsies :D

: A HeadsUp :


20 May 2015 at 08:16:17 MDT

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    Very sorry to hear that. :( Really hope things get better for you and your family.

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    I'm so, so sorry that all of those things happened. Good thoughts and prayers to everyone, hoping that they recover from injury and illness. Good luck to your brother with his diabetes (I'm type I, and have been since I was a kid). With everything that you've been dealing with, please don't worry about hurrying on my commissions at least. Please, take your time and deal with more important things. hug

    Trust me, I know how things can be derailed and put on hold by sudden tragedy. My best friend committed suicide earlier this month, so I've been dealing with that, which has not been easy given the circumstances surrounding it all.

    Please take care of yourself and your loved ones before you even think about worrying about getting artwork for me finished. comf