Im back and staying! + ADOPTS! by TheUmbraArtist

Hey guys sorry for the long absence, when I first joined, the site just wasnt working for me, coming back though, it looks like its working again for me which is awesome.

Ill be posting a lot to fill my gallery with all my up to date works that Im happy showing, and thankyou to all those who are my followers, and thankyou for being patient enough to wait for my return.

Love you guys and thanks for supporting me, always means a lot :)

In celebration of my return I have some adoptables I have been working on call Duskughan! They are highquality (or at least as I as I can make them ^^; ) painted creatures and I have started off with 1 batch with two of them.
I havent uploaded it here yet, I need to upload all the other stuff, but you can see the submission here on FA:

Hope everyone has been all good and I look forward to hearing from you :)

Im back and staying! + ADOPTS!


18 May 2015 at 07:12:57 MDT

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