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An Update on the Scale of Norms... by Redd Sound


I've been rather busy, folks. Moving sites and homes is rough on one's schedule.

I'm sorry I haven't been updating my music as frequently as I did previously, but hopefully I'll be settled in soon and we can get back to business, right?


New music, soon. I promise.


An Update on the Scale of Norms...

Redd Sound

17 February 2013 at 13:20:42 MST

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    Eeeyay <3333

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      Which reminds me, I also need to get you the rest of my musical mess... Oh, the humanity!

      Wait, furries, so...

      Oh, the anthropomorpicy!

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        Hah I actually have those lying around...haven't had a good time to play with them >w>

        And HAH genius x3

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          All mah stuffs are packed into boxes...

          [x] [x] OvO [x]

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            What's a box?


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              It's like this thing made of cardboard squares that you put stuffs into so they move faster and together with each other. Like, instead of moving a bunch of stuff, you just move the box.

              They confuse me, too. *is a burdbrain*

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                You mean like a folder you can email?

                Send via email? How large is this box capacity >w>

                Huehuehue :3

                I've never seen your sona before honestly. Show meh <3

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                  How about that, here ya go! (This is long due!)


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                    SEXE-um such a nice character you have <3

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                  And I boxes mean quite literally, IRL my instruments and such are in cardboard boxes, packed up for my move into a slightly more comfortable apartment :)

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                    What's an IRL instrument

                    You can make instruments with something that's not on the computer?

                    What witchcraft is this