Let the Weasyling Begin by kaputotter

Well, we're off to a fresh start so I think it warrants a spring-cleaning journal entry!

I plan to slowly update my gallery until it's a pretty comprehensive collection of stuff. I will eventually set up folders like "Older Works", "Groups", "Sketches" and so on. But for now I'll start off by uploading all my favorite PG-rated stuff.

THANK YOU so much to all the watchers! I really appreciate it. <3

Let the Weasyling Begin


17 February 2013 at 11:18:12 MST

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    Welcome to weasyl then! :D

    Surelly you'll enjoy the features it have. I'm not even an artist and I love it hahaha :P

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      It's been nothing BUT smooth for me so far! I love how streamlined it is. :D Just donated $5, hopefully bandwidth issues will be transparent for a while even with the launch! I only noticed lag once or twice, but that was a month ago. So yeah, high hopes.

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    Would be nice if there was a mass upload feature

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      I would LOVE that. I've used SoFurry's just about every time I decide to do stuff there. Maybe we can recommend it to the devs!

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        yea the other recommendation I mentioned to them on twitter is how a user's upload is shown on the homepage, the update rate is that of FA, soon as you upload your work, already its pushed 4-5 blocks along before it vanishes into oblivion, leaving no visitor to see your work. I like how Inkbunny handles it's uploads, your work remains on the homepage for a while before being moved along, leaving sufficient time for people to actually notice your work and get potential followers

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          Interesting -- I can't actually conceive of how that might work, I might have to futz around with Inkbunny just to see what you mean, sounds intriguing. :o

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    I'm loving that it's pretty much built on the sites that inspired it; or at least inspired art-themed sites in general, but it's got speed to boot. I kind of worry that if it gets as popular as say, FA/DA, that it'll be slow again, but for now it's pretty awesome.

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      That's exactly my impression -- Weasyl is everything I wish DA was.... XD hahaha.