UPDATE: About Weasyl and FA by RamTheDragon

After a lot of pondering I've decided I WILL NOT BE LEAVING FA but I will still mantain my Weasyl updated in parallel.

Although I am utterly DISGUSTED with the admins and their hypocrisy, I've realized my commission audience is here and my projects this year require much funding, so I'm afraid I cannot simply jump ship.

I'm also hoping the situation fixes itself because I really love the people here. I've always been one to defend FA, it's shitty design, it's awful programming, it's horrendous mod force. But I like it here, the people are friendly, the commissions are good.

Also it is clear that Weasyl still needs some ironing around the edges, things like bulk uploader, better settings for managing submissions, etc. But it has potential and I'll stay there as well, ad another gallery apart from this and my DA which is mostly ignored because I don't draw KAWAII ANIMUUU or steal art.

That being said, I'm very disappointed in plenty of "popufurs" (especially sheppymomma oh my god) who were very quick to dismiss this rather serious incident as just more furry drama. I'd like to see if it had affected them if they would've been so quiet and dismissive about it.

But in short, I'm staying here, opening up commissions soon, I'll need the money to bring my partner to live with me and move out.

Have a good day, and my heart goes to those affected by the incident and the exodus.

UPDATE: About Weasyl and FA


17 February 2013 at 10:42:52 MST

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    (Random passer-by here, hope you don't mind. D: )

    I only just read all the journals about the situation today, but I think it was all just handled extremely poorly.

    Loads of people seem to be jumping towards Weasyl, too.

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      All passer bys welcome! =3

      Weasyl is an ok site, still needs some perfectioning but it's looking good, just ugh Fa admins x.x not known for their good actions


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        That's actually the reason I was very hesitant at first to join FA.

        I joined mainly because people pushed me there, as it's a more commission-friendly community, I was told. I did certainly not expect to be greeted by so much drama, I'll tell you that. x_x

        Weasyl looks pretty good so far. The only problem is figuring out how to navigate to submit certain things, but so far so good, I think.

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          I still really like FA, so I'm staying, don't let the drama discourage you though, the commissions are good!

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            Oh, I'm still staying on FA. dA is still more of a main-site for me, as it's where I started.

            I think Weasyl may come to trump FA, though. The community so far seems nicer and I'm hoping it will stay that way. :D

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    Now I'm glad I made a Weasyl account months ago. I can continue following artists that are moving here! Anyway, I've felt let down by the admins as well. Their "by the book" approach to this situation before the drama broke out was a pretty poor way to handle it.

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      It wouldn't be so bad if it had been the first offence but they keep doing this with really REALLY serious situations

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    "That being said, I'm very disappointed in plenty of 'popufurs' who were very quick to dismiss this rather serious incident as just more furry drama. I'd like to see if it had affected them if they would've been so quiet and dismissive about it."

    My feelings exactly...one artist I had highly respected just ROFLed about the whole thing, but then I heard she was BFFs with Dragoneer's wife, so I guess that explains it. :P I highly doubt she would be laughing if it happened to her, her mate or her best friend. :/ The whole thing just makes me sick (especially since it was my one of my best friends it happened to), and I won't be uploading to FA again unless things there change for the better, and incidents like this are no longer blown off by the admins (who have a long history of siding with the pervs rather than the victims, ignoring trouble tickets about it, making lame excuses for not banning people--or even outright lying about there not being enough evidence--and being total hypocrites). Just disgusting. :P

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      I was incredibly disappointed by a lot of folk that I respected. Especially Katmomma/Sheppymomma. But yeah, the admins keep piling up these offences and people have become just so cynical. Not to mention most of these people have a huge attitude problem sheesh. But I wish I could not upload stuff on FA but I'm afraid I really need the money for some moving out projects. But hopefully something good will come form all this ^^

      Good luck in your projects!

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        *nods* :( I've been rather depressed over all this, because so many of my friends and inspirations decided to stay only on FA and not sign up here as well (which is their choice, of course, but I will miss them terribly, if I can no longer see their uploads). ;_; I didn't see Sheppymomma's comments, but yeah, she's another artist I've really looked up to, and I had just friended and followed her here before I read your journal. :/ And thanks...I really hope Weasyl takes off and takes over (from FA); we need a new furry hub central.

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        I know this is an old issue, but have I really come across to you as someone with an attitude problem? I don't understand how but I apologize if I did.

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    Late to the party, but still relevant, I think?

    I left because, even though I got 90% of all my commissions from FA, I just can no longer support a site that practices such blatant incompetence. Even I have 3 sexual harassment tickets open from almost a year ago, still unanswered. I've seen petty art theft and troll posts get more attention than serious issues.

    I remember when the livestream of the FA Town Hall meeting was up. I repeatedly pressed the issue of the FA Staff Code of Conduct in the comments until I was answered by Dragoneer himself. He said something along the line of "Yes, it will be up in a few weeks, but I don't like to impose rules on my staff." WELP. I think there's your answer about site non-improvement right there! If there are no basic set ground rules, things will continue to fall apart from the inside out.

    I don't really think that FA cares about its userbase more than it does its reputation as the internet's main furry art site., and I find that repulsive. It's sad that you have to be careful [as a victim!] about what you say about the STALKERS and HARASSERS of the site, less you get punished.

    Don't get me wrong! I don't condemn anyone still on the site! However, I can't help but feel sad when someone knows all the details and still chooses to stay. But, honestly? Money. That was the only reason I wanted to stay, too, and it's not a bad thing! People need to make and continue to make their living, and I'm not one to judge them in that situation.

    Good on ya' for realizing the cons of it and calling them out. I totally respect you for that. c:

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      It's gotten worse since they have started pretty much prosecuting people and banning them over stuff off site (so much for off site not being their problem right?) but I'm disapointed in a lot of people either dismissing the thing entirely or defending the admins even. I mean come one, grow up.

      But yeah I hope you can still make your lovely suits here =3 people will love them!