Moving Goal: $3000 USD by KingBuffalo

I understand that I have owed art that is due.

I understand that continuously opening more business probably isn't a good idea.

But I cannot live where I currently am and get progress done without my life being directed in the direction I don't want it to go.

Therefore, I now have a moving goal. I'm gonna need at least $3000 by July to cover necessities and transportation, along with hygienic products, food, and possible rent (if I can find a roommate to move in with by July).

• My iSona busts are still open for $20.
• I'm going to try and get a t-shirt thing going for merch, if anyone is into that sort of thing.
• I also have a Patreon where donations are greatly appreciated, or directly to my paypal (

I was THINKING about doing a donation drive, but I still need to figure out what it would involve. I hear they've been pretty successful for some artists.

I'm also still job hunting, so hopefully that goes toward this life-saving milestone.

I'd appreciate any signal boosting that anyone could provide. Thank you.

Moving Goal: $3000 USD


9 May 2015 at 18:07:04 MDT

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