life stnks worse then by kamar

life stnks worse then Real Life road kill skunk on a hot day.

my life is going no were and to top that off i only have one person in my life that i can talk to about it and hes thousands of miles away. The person i live with seems to not care how i feel and only seems to care what she wants. If its wrong to hate your mother and getting tired of lissning to her blame you for pretty much every thing then i guess i'm just so far down the shit hole to care.

its one thing to look for a job and even worse that you been looking for 5 years and no one seems to even look at the application you put in and hear nothing or that "were sorry that we found some one that better fits the position you applied for." when its a dam minimum wage job at walmart or the like.

my life has been one issue after another. had to stop school to help take care of my father, then trying to start it up again when you father gets his leg amputated and have to go home for that now i dont have the money to go back nor the drive and i liveing off my mother while dealing with heavy depression and no end in site. while in the mean time feeling so low and dealing with the side effect of the depression of having anxiety attacks quite offten. i mean why is it so god dam easy for some one to feel happy and so fucking hard for me to feel like getting out of bed or even going to bed let alone feel happy.

my life just revalves around trying to feel half way decent and my mother is threatening to take about the only thing that gets me out of bed and some what gets me to the point of actually doing something cus i cant do anything up to her high standards. i dont think that it would be any more useful to modavate me when i dont realy care about much if anything, not even my own health.

life stnks worse then


4 May 2015 at 04:55:34 MDT

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