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Poll: Would You Read This? by Bruma

I've been thinking about this for some time now in between other personal projects. I've had some ideas writing some short stories detailing some of Bruma's adventures, but given the lack of exposure he (and by extension, me) has, I'm uncertain whether or not it would be worth it. I'm also very tight-lipped about my personal projects and information concerning those projects with fears that someone else might copy my ideas without my consent. I know, it sounds totally retarded.

I know what a very small few have told me in the past, but to address this more broadly, I present this question to you: If I were to write a short story with Bruma, would this interest you? What I have in mind specifically involves action/adventure themes, planes, a little crossover with an old cartoon series, and one harrowing gun battle. Tell me what you think please.

Poll: Would You Read This?


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    Well, this question shouldn't really be something that troubles you. Unfortunately, some people will not read what you write, and others will. It can't be guaranteed the response that you shall get, however, all stories will have their fans as well as those who do not like it. That's just part of the nature of things.

    Certainly though, don't take exposure as a factor to do things. Everyone comes from nothing, and that only changes by doing things. If you're interested in practicing your writing, then certainly go for it. I'd encourage you to do so regardless. As for whether it would interest me, well, it does, though we can only know for certain when the piece is read. =)

    In other words, just go for it!

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      I know, it shouldn't bother me, but it does somewhat. It's just been so long since I've written for myself. I guess all I wanted from this was to hear support from my buddies... I dunno. It's decided. I'm going through with it.
      It's good to hear from you, man! Thanks a lot!

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        Hmm, I know, it is very disappointing when this happens. I'd guess that you want to write for yourself, in which case, don't worry about people and just go for it. We can't always expect people to read what we do - even when we try to cater it to their tastes. We've just got to go with it, which means, we have to write for ourselves at the heart of it. If you enjoy the writing process, what comes after is just a pleasant surprise.

        Good to hear that you have decided to go for it though; that's the first step to being a writer who produces things regularly!

        You're welcome, just remember to keep at it!