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Thinking aloud. by Grimmhelm

So I have been sitting on my project for a little bit now, slowly tapping away at it to make it a complete book as promised.
However after some feedback and time to think (some of it good most of it just jackassery) I have been debating on just trying to make it a webcomic.

Originally it was going to be a 15 to 20 book, 3 to 5 books in the series and all between £8 to £15 depending on how happy I am with it and how guilty I feel about charging that XD
Though with that said I did do my research and some - like jollyjack sell for really cheap (I honestly think he should charge more for his smutty gold) and others like Kidetic who sell 8 to 15 pages for £20 +
I'm just honestly not sure how many would buy the PDF if anyone at all.
If I did it as a webcomic then that has it's own drawbacks -first of all this was meant to be a limited series which would possibly continue with interest, second would be ads -running an adult themed site I wouldn't not be able to run advertisement which would help pay for the website.
There is also the fact a lot of people will actively sidestep me when it comes to making books and other merch in a few years time although i do know a lot about the ins and outs of webcomics (i'm an old hat at such things go do a search for Swashbuckled over on comicgenesis sometime, a lot of the archive is actually gone because of a server error and my writer had to stop due to life issues, but such things happen and it was abandoned to die)
But I have been keeping in the loop thanks to webcomics weekly, surviving creativity and the various books by the same people (how to make webcomics and the webcomics handbook) I have a decent grasp on what to actually do to get one running.

I just don't know if I should actually do it or not. If I could space out my time a little better (which could be difficult right now) I could proberbly make another comic for the web with the same characters and just mark of the book in a NSFW section...

Anyways sorry for the brain leakage just throwing out stuff into the wind, let me know your thoughts :)

Thinking aloud.


2 May 2015 at 03:47:46 MDT

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