No I am Not Dead by Pandactyl

Sorry I've been... Totally not around pfft. For one, I haven't done a lot of artwork over the past year. It partially had to do with sadness from my friend's passing (on a related note, on the anniversary of her death FB removed her page because apparently they remove dead people's pages. wtf is up with that?) and the other part is that I have been waaaay too busy with school. The only thing I do besides school is play guild wars 2 to calm my butt and eat and sleep.

This summer, though, I am going to be completing my dog's training. My doctor suggested I take her up from ESA status and make her a real, true-blue service dog. I knew how long it would take, and luckily I had a lot of her obedience already accounted for- But I have already been working with her since January, and her progress is just- phenomenal. If she keeps it up, I think we will be ready to be a full-time team by fall classes! Disability services did, however, approve for her to go with me to a camp in 2 weeks, knowing that her training isn't complete and with the knowledge that if she creates a distraction (PFFT) I will need someone who can come pick her up. But I am really excited! Also excited for classes to end. Finals next week. ugh.

Aside from that, nothing much has happened. I thought about seeing if anyone was up for a commission so I could buy another bottle of my favorite perfume that was stolen from me, but I already have so many things to work on, especially old commissions. Everyone on my list is aware that I probably won't finish them until camp is over, though. :)

I'm not sure if I will ever be as active in the digital commission community as I used to be. I'm just not into it anymore. However, I will be working on reopening the etsy shop my mom and I are working hard on. We will sell clay sculptures and other doodads. So at some point you all will see me again. I hope everyone is doing well! See you all around!

No I am Not Dead


1 May 2015 at 07:43:04 MDT

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