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Marble Maze Game Demo by Hybrid-Dragon

One of my earlier projects this year was a marble game. I felt my game was fairly unique in that a mechanic of it was to tilt the board to guide your ball. This mechanic ended up not working well, as I didn't have a way to really lock the ball to the board, so at further distances from the center, it would be shot upwards past the ceiling or spawn below the board. I had to completely rework it, but I've certainly improved it. it looks pretty much the same when playing, but it works differently in a way that allows me to do things I couldn't before, such as multi-floor boards and not worry about the ball flying or falling off into space or getting trapped on the ceiling.

I have recently picked it up, hence all the changes, as a way to take a break from 3D models. I have released a demo for it and will be working on it until I'm ready to get back to working again.

You can find it on GameJolt here: GameJolt Link

Marble Maze Game Demo


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