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Casting Kickstarter is live! by lokis

My studio expansion Kickstarter is now live!

It's always been my desire to do more than just fursuiting. Casting (resin, prosthetics, props, etc) has always been something I've wanted to do, but lack of funding prevented it. This Kickstarter, if successful, would give me enough supplies to get a few molds made so I can start offering a cast resin (followed by latex) product line. The timing of it means I can get at least a few molds made in time for the Halloween season this year. Among the projects I have in mind:

  • Fursuit mask bases, starting with a canine with allowances for taxidermy style eyes.
  • Masquerade style masks
  • Horns and hooves for use in creature costumes

Please consider backing it. Even a small amount can help me reach my goal!

Casting Kickstarter is live!


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    Oh rock on! I hope it succeeds!

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      Thanks! I hope so too. Expanding more into casting is going to happen one way or another. The Kickstarter will just help me get everything I need at once so I can start creating NOW and be able to offer things for Halloween this year. If not...well, it'll just take several months to get supplies piecemeal so I can get a proper start.