My Thoughts on Weasyl's PM's. :D by MidoriObakeChan

I have great suggestions for Weasyls PM's if you guys ever decide to do them in the near future like next year or so "or whenever possible".
I have good ideas for prices because, I honestly think that this economy is pretty bad for anyone who wants a PM for a certain website like DeviantART or wherever you go to share you're artwork.
Okay, as far as the list of prices go I think it should be like this:
1. $5 for 5 months minimum.
2. $10 for 10 months.
3. $30 for a whole year with extra features, like adding music or videos to your Weasyl profile.
Non-PM members of Weasyl are allowed to keep their webcams cause, we all know we LOVE our webcams for animations that we make or use from other websites like GifSoup or something like that.
I also think that when we make animations we should either have the option to upload our own animated gifs without a PM depending on the popularity of this site.
I'm just curious: How is this site doing on new comers anyways? I've seen TONS of new artwork lately but, how do we know this site get's new visitors or new artist that have joined? Just curious...O_o
As PM's and non-PM's we need to have something for embeding YouTube videos to our journals to show what we've made for people like for Commissions or whatever, like DA does, I would LOVE to have that cause, I'm gonna be here for a long, long, time. :3
Also I'm not sure if this is a thing but, we need to be able to make animated emotioncons like DA does that way we can express ourselves better in conversations instead of doing expressions like these: "O_o, :V, :3, :D, O3O, XD,"- etc "you guys know what i mean". ;D

Anyways, these are all of the ideas that I have for giving out ideas for Weasyls PM's n' such. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. I'd like to hear YOUR ideas. :D

My Thoughts on Weasyl's PM's. :D


22 April 2015 at 06:33:37 MDT

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