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Moved Defans Amis to Tumblr by Cowboypunk

I've just finished moving over Pauvres Defans Amis to tumblr as the host site of the comic (as opposed to blogger, which was originally just simpler to set up and link to a custom domain). It should be a little easier to update and follow now, and got a nice makeover! You can follow it and read the most recent page at!

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Moved Defans Amis to Tumblr


20 April 2015 at 20:46:37 MDT

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    Thank you for the notice! I'm sorry if that has been asked before, but can you tell us about the meaning of the comic's name? (I'm French but can't figure what the words together are supposed to mean. ^^' And also what "defans" is; is this haitian or another type of creole?)

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      It basically means "poor, dead/dear/sainted friends" and, as I understand, "pauvre defan" (I think the feminine is "defante") a fairly common way to refer to the deceased among older generations of Cajuns. I'm not entirely sure what the word is derived from or who precisely uses it, but I also admittedly know very little about French and have pretty sparse resources and people to pull information about Cajun creole/Cajun French - they're kind of dying and I mostly just have to go on a few personal experiences or vagaries :c

      Also, it hadn't really occurred to me, but I should totally add a bit in the about section explaining the title. Thanks for making me think of it! :p

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        Thank you for your reply! :>

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    What's the update schedule to this, and if we subscribe using RSS do you get a notice that someone has done so?

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      Updates every Friday (I should also leave a note of that somewhere on there. boop.)
      I don't think I get a notice, or at least I've never seen one, but I will have secret warm fuzzies knowing that someone may have secretly done so. I'm pretty sure there's things you can set up to track RSS subscribers, though, I just haven't looked into it.