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Yes! While I try and give the spotlight to Jackie and her adoptive cousin, Nicasio, recent events have made me want to tweak a few things regarding her character.

Jackie's appearance isn't going to change, the ref I made a few months back is still what she'll be for the forseeable future. But what's changing is how she'll be used in the future and other things about herself.

Jackie will be used more as a fursona for several things. I dunno if this'll mean she's officially my fursona again, but its not far away from that!

Secondly, Jackie's age is different now. She's not a teen anymore, but in her 20's like I am. This does not mean I'll suddenly change the sort of pics I'll draw of her to fit into certain things regarding the age change, but it just means that now I can use her more as a fursona-y character without worrying about what people would think.

Every other facet of Jackie's being besides the forementioned AND the fact she's no longer "canon" to projects she's lead is pretty much the same, but if something else changes I'll let you all know.

In more "canon" projects with Jackie and Nicasio together, like the Ask Tumblr and other potential projects in the pipeline, she'll be replaced by an altered, reinvented version of herself which'll act pretty much the same as before and the differences will mostly be in appearance, poooossibly in species and of course, in age.

So yeah, "Jackie" as she appears in my latest ref of her? Now a more fursona-y character, now in her 20's. Another Jackie - if she'll even be called that - will come along to take the place of the old Jackie for some things.

Cool? Cool. See y'all around. o/

Important info on JACKIE


19 April 2015 at 20:18:26 MDT

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