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BLFC meme time?! by Ruggy

sparkyopteryx sparkyopteryx did it so that means it's time for these already, right? ANSWER: IRRELEVANT, I AM EXCITED AND LOVE FILLING THESE THINGS OUT.

What hotel are you staying at?

The main one! Whatever it's called.


Arriving at 11AM or so on Friday, leaving probably at 2-ish on Monday.

Means of transportation?

Walkin'? The beau's worked at the airport and says it's walking distance to the hotel, so!

Are you sharing a room with someone?

Aforementioned beau! He goes by Graft online but I find it hard to not call him James. P:

Who do you hang out with?

Uhh. Cool people? Haha, I dunno. There's a few folks I'd like to say hi to at this con, but my boyfriend's the one who's got friends going.

Relationship Status

Long term relationship and happy in it!

How old are you?

Late 20s.

How tall are you?

Like 5' 6"?

Are you an Artist?

I like to think so! I have a couple of useless degrees backing me up on it.

Do you have an artist table?


Do you take commissions?

I'm not there to take commissions, but I'll have my sketchbook and some pens/pencils if you want a little somethin'!

Do you do trades?

I'd be happy to do a trade while we're both sitting there, yeah. Drawing with folks is one of my favorite thiiings.

Are you a Fursuiter?

Not yet. I'm working on it but it won't be done by BLFC.

Attending parties?

None in mind but I do enjoy partying!

Do you drink?

Why yes. :3

Can I buy you a drink?

I mean, if you've got a bunch of cocktail mixed up and are sharing it with folks I'm all about that, but actually paying a bartender money for a personal drink for me would be kinda weeeeird. P:

Do you smoke?

Well, the con isn't in Colorado or Washington, so uh, not officially, no. I certainly don't smoke cigarettes.

Are you attending any panels?

Probably! I haven't looked at the schedule yet.

Stage or public performance?

Nahh, no fursuit to dance in yet. One day, I'll make an ass of myself in a fluffy mascot costume for the entertainment of others.

How do I identify my self to you?

I guess just mention where you know me from? I dunno, I don't have no secret handsigns or nothin'.

Rules of engagement (physical contact)?

I'm good for hugs! Just ask or make the "want a hug?" arm gesture and I'm all about 'em.

How can I find you?

If you really wanna meet up, you're probably best off messaging me before the con. "Look for the chick with the weird-colored pixie cut" is probably not specific enough at a furry convention.

Can I talk to you?
For sure! :3

Can I give you lots of money?

If you wish to exchange money for drawings, you may certainly do so!

Can I give you stuff?

I don't know why you would.

Can I hug or snuggle with you?

Just ask! I'm almost always down for hugs. Snugglin' is very situational.

Can I come to dinner with you?

We tend to invite whoever we're with along when we go eat, so if you're already chillin', yup.

Can I hang out with you?


Can I take your picture?

Dunno why you'd want to but I'm down for group shots.

How do I know if you're not looking to socialize (angry, busy or upset)?

Body language I guess? I know some people have problems with that though, my brother included, so if I really don't want to be bothered I'll say, "I'm sorry, I'm busy/tired/whatever is applicable." Doesn't mean you've annoyed me, just probably means I'm worn out and wanna go nap. :)

Personality Type?

I'm not a fluttering social butterfly and can be kinda quiet at times, but I'm pretty cheerful and nice. Feel free to talk to me!

What's your goal for the con this year?

Have fun, meet cool folks, have adventures! :D

BLFC meme time?!


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    I'll be honest and say I have absolutely no idea what to expect when I go there. The partner and I go to the GSR to hang out all the time normally, but this is my first convention so I'm sure most of my preconceived expectations will be entirely wrong. Also the airport is more or less within walking distance, depending on whether you're the type to go for long strolls or not. May around here is unpredictable but you could probably expect warm temperatures and bright sun, so if you're hiking it there I definitely recommend taking water with you!

    I hope we'll get to see each other there, maybe even hang out a bit. I confirmed with the partner that we'll be there primarily on Friday and perhaps Saturday evening.

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      I have only been to a handful of conventions, seems like each one has its own vibe. So I'm lookin' forward to seeing what BLFC is all about!

      I'm down with long walks, really. Many of my hobbies involve being able to walk for several miles in a day, ahaha. Good to know on the water, I'll try to remember to buy a couple bottles on the way out.

      And yeah, we'll definitely be there then! I'll send a note your way when it gets closer, we can work out the details then.

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        Having a convention at a casino has some definite perks, especially a place like the GSR. You've got the cinema with discount movies, plenty of places to just sit and BS, the bowling alley, a lounge with billiard tables, a spa (if you're into that sort of thing), scads of places to eat, and a really awesome arcade (seriously. It's got laser tag and bumper cars).

        Yeah I'm much the same so you'll be just fine, and the walk from the airport is fairly pleasant actually.

        Alright then! We'll be playing a lot of stuff by ear but we're definitely down for scheduling something concrete. It's a lot easier for us to plan around others since we don't have to worry about things like flights or hotel reservations.