Change of plans by SpetsnazKaz

You know what?

At least to me, FA isn't a hellhole and I have chosen to stay more active there. But seeing how others are moving away from FA, I still want to expand my reach. So I will be updating my most recent art (that I have on FA and DA at the moment) to see where that goes. Now I'm just expecting to see more people using Weasyl now since FA is becoming less popular as we speak. And I'm still trying to learn how to format and all that other shit on Weasyl (to make my experience a lot better as a user).

Of course I won't be 100% active on here, but this is just a backup account for me seeing as a majority of people I watch on here also watch me on FA (even less on DA).

So if you haven't already seen my recent art, enjoy what's coming~

Change of plans


17 April 2015 at 17:58:27 MDT

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