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So, I'm sure this has been around for a while but nintendo has announced that they're going to start releasing more characters as DLC, and they're even taking some fan polls so we can vote for characters we'd like to see, even 3rd party characters are valid choices. So Nintendo is likely to add at least 5 more characters so I'm curious what you guys would like to see. I'm going to share my top 5 picks and you can reply with yours in the comments. (Just remember to keep it limited to actual video game characters, so no votes for Naruto or Goku or something. Just because they've been in video games doesn't mean they're video game characters.)
1- Krystal from Star Fox, this is the one I personally cast a vote for in the poll.
2- At least one more Sonic character (Metal Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, or Tails. I'd be happy with any of them)
3- Simon Belmont, this way we'd have the cast of Captain N playable
4- Earthworm Jim, it has been WAY too long since the last game he's been in.
5- Vaati, there's more than one bad guy in the Zelda franchise dudes...though I'm guessing they'd go with Majora's Mask Skull Kid.

Also, on a side note, I'd like to see a few more skins applied to the existing characters (like how you can be any of the Koopalings, Alph as an alternate to Olimar, and 3 of the characters can change their gender.) Peach should have a proper Daisy skin instead of just recoloring her with a yellow dress and red hair, Sonic should be able to swap between his classic and boom looks, and Megaman can be his other incarnations such as X, exe, and Star Force.

Smash Bros roster voting


16 April 2015 at 20:56:19 MDT

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