How to make a collections folder? by InvaderPichu

How do I do that? I are t3h dumb.

How to make a collections folder?


11 April 2015 at 02:07:38 MDT

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    I think someone has to offer a collection to you.

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    You can't make a folder within your collections, but yes to add images to your collections you'll have to have the artist offer them to you.

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      So if I wanted to make say, a collection for gifts/commissions/trades, then someone else would have to do that? I'm prolly misunderstanding something. x_X

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        For the collections section on Weasyl, what happens is it's basically a favorites folder of art done for you. In order to get it, however, you need to ask the artist to send you a "collections offer". Once they do, you can accept it, and it will be added to your collections. I'm guessing it's done this way so that people can't easily steal artwork, and anyone who has it in their collections, you'd know it's legit because the artist had to give it to them themselves.