Pen Tablet Suggestions by sixrabbits

So, long story short, I thought my mom's dog was asleep, but she was actually busy destroying my tablet cord.

It's been so long since I even looked at tablets, does anyone have any suggestions?

Pen Tablet Suggestions


10 April 2015 at 12:03:20 MDT

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    Did you have a budget range in mind? Obviously most of what Wacom makes is a good bet, but I've heard good things about the less expensive Monoprice brand, especially if you need a tablet display. The gist seems to be Wacom has slightly better responsiveness and more bells and whistles but the Monoprice display is better and it's questionable whether the extra money is worth the relatively small quality increase with the Wacom.

    I've been using the Windows Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3, and I've been generally pleased, but I can't afford both a tablet and a computer new enough to run it. If your machine runs art programs just fine ad is then the tablet PC route is probably not a good idea.

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      I don't want to go over $300, since I don't nees the bells and whistles. I definitely trust Wacom, I've used them for years, I'll look into the Monoprice.
      I just recently bought a new laptop with a killer graphics processor, so I just need the pen interface bit. Saw one thats wireless but I don't know if I trust a wireless tablet to work so well...

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        For under $300, maybe (big maybe) also look into Aiptek. I had a massive tablet by them that was really cheap at the time. Less sensitivity than a Wacom but it was nice enough and very low priced. However that was about 5 years ago, and a lot can change in the tech world in that time.