Badgesssssss: OPEN by talakestreal

Working on a fullbody badge, and that's all I have in the badge queue right now. :)

Which means, QUEUE IS CLEAR.

Who wants a badge? Anyone? Someone?

cricket chirps

Prices are set in stone-ish now on them.

Headshots: $10-15 depending on character complexity and whether you have specific requests for background.

Bust/Waist up: $25-35 depending on complexity and whether you have specific requests

Fullbody: $25-$45 depending on complexity. These vary so much because you can either give me full reign, in which case you get a barbie-doll-nudity type badge with a nice background, or you can be specific and I can customize the badge to your specifications. These badges also are very tedious with tiny details, so I charge accordingly. :)

Couple's Badges: $25-$45, same stuff applies. Detail level varies based on what is paid. ^__^

It's easier to have a sliding scale on these because there is definitely a difference between a $10 headshot and a $15. and the couple's badges can be highly complex, or they can be simplistic. It really depends on what you want.

Badgesssssss: OPEN


9 April 2015 at 23:42:47 MDT

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