In Need of Commissions by WindWolf

Like the title says I'm in need of some commissions about now in order to have enough money to go to BLFC next month (which I've already registered for and we've already booked our hotel room) and not end up spending every last cent I have.

So everything is open right now, and if you don't want to spend too much I do offer $5.00 sketch commissions like this and I can do either anthro or feral. But like I said pretty much everything that I offer as a commission is available to you. Here is my price list for more information

So yeah. Every little bit helps!

In Need of Commissions


9 April 2015 at 21:01:39 MDT

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    The link to your price list is broken. I'm thinking you copied this directly from an FA journal?

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      That's a pain. I'll get it fixed.

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        Your prices are actually pretty cheap, considering how good your art is! How much would you charge for a species refsheet? Like for a species someone made up. I ask because there will be multiple perspective angles needed.

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          Hm, I'd say that would be $40.00.

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            ... When I get my next paycheck, you, my friend, will have a new customer! XD

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              Sounds good to me :)