The Life and Times of a Northern Fox by Revenant

Well, I've decided I'd move here after the acquisition by IMVU, despite their claims that they'd not tamper with the site in any way, shape or form, purely because I've had issues with the guys at IMVU in the past, anyway, I'm the same top-hatted prick you all abused on the UKFur forums, nothing's changed, and you're not getting any golden tickets because I say so.

So, updates then, I guess if anything, I've bought GTAV for the PC, as well as a decent enough graphics card, didn't stop one guy that owes me about two hundred pounds from bragging that his was better though, the prick.

So now my computer is at a state where I can continue gaming, and it'll be fun. Hopefully when GTAV comes out, I'll be able to stream as I did on the PS4, though it's going to be nowhere near as fun without Jozzer90, but the laundry list of gamers that've wanted to put me on their team since I started streaming are finally going to get that opportunity to get me on a heist crew, and more than likely squander that opportunity by behaving like the pricks I'm trying to get away from.

I'm not going to categorize these like I did at FA, what would be the point, new site, new format, we'll see how it goes.

The Life and Times of a Northern Fox


9 April 2015 at 11:56:48 MDT

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