Opening for ONE digitigrade fullsuit by therealurubabe

Just wanted to give some sort of notice that the quote form will be open at noon MST today for one digitigrade fullsuit project*. This is quite likely the only digitigrade fullsuit we will be taking this year so that Uru can keep her stress levels down, so jump on the chance while you can! We're taking this fullsuit project to help pay our yearly taxes for the studio, so we would prefer payment in full up-front for this commission.

For prices, please follow this link:
To request a quote, please wait until noon MST when the fullsuit form is up, and then fill out the form here:

This commission will come with the following options:

  • Toony or Semi-Realistic head (static jaw)
  • Fully lined 4 finger handpaws with sewn pawpads (no claws)
  • Full digitigrade padding
  • Feral chest padding included upon request
  • Your choice of our fully lined, deluxe indoor or outdoor feetpaws (no claws)
  • Hidden snap-closure cell phone/wallet pocket

If you can pay in full up front, this commission will also include:

  • A laminated piece of fursuit reference artwork of your character
  • A laminated full color badge of your character
  • A complete set of out Fursonalities collector buttons
  • A Fursonalities T-shirt
  • 3 Fursonalities vinyl stickers
  • A 2-sided fursuit bandanna

Expected completion for this project is Fall 2015.**

*We will be picking only ONE project, this will not be first-come-first-served, though if someone is offering to pay in full up-front, we may opt for one of the earlier submitted quote requests. We're looking for medium complexity characters with fur colors that we have in stock already. If you would like an artistic freedom commission we also have designs available. The bodysuit, and tail will be done by Tidus under Uru's supervision. The head, handpaws, and feetpaws will be done by Uru. We will be working together to get your costume completed for you. This commission will be completely non-refundable.

** Quicker completion may be available upon request at an extra charge, but the full amount will be required up front, including the rush fee and shipping costs. Again, this will be completely non-refundable.

Opening for ONE digitigrade fullsuit


9 April 2015 at 10:09:11 MDT

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