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Hello hello there! c:

With the massive exodus from FA that's been happening over the past few weeks coupled
with my own negative experiences with IMVU, I figured it was high-time I made myself some
auxiliary accounts on other sites. I've decided to start getting in the habit of utilizing my
Weasyl and furry-oriented Steam accounts on a more regular basis, so for my friends who
have long since left FA hopefully I won't be QUITE so absent from now on!

In addition, I wanted to apologize to and graciously thank everyone that's been so patient
with my quiet disposition as of late. Along with being completely absent from anywhere
aside from my main FA account, I've been going through some pretty heavy stuff for a while
(the details aren't important; I don't like lumping my problems on top of people ^^;; ). The
point is that from here on out, things should be getting better and I should be increasingly
available to talk or game. I'll be moving across the country over the next few weeks, but it
shouldn't take too long to get my own internet connection set up and for me to get settled!

It's been a long while since I've played any TF2, so I'd love to play Medic for anyone that still
plays themselves! c: I might try and pick up some new multiplayer games as well (I'm dre-
adfully out-of-touch with what's good right now), so I'd love some suggestions for good ones
if anyone has any!

Anywho, hope to talk to you soon!

-Penname- I am! (+ life, such as it is ^^; )


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    Welcome to Weasyl ! :D 'n i would love to hang out with you in some games on Steam, if your up to as well
    Like in Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2 ^ ^

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      I'd absolutely love to! :D I've never really played Dota 2 that much (I'd have to learn everything from
      scratch), but TF2 is something I'm pretty versed in! ^^ I didn't know you played it!

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        cool! My steam name is Silverlover03 ! I'm almost always up for a game if you ever need to play, i'm not so good at asking people though, but in Dota 2 i ask more regularly :3

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          Awesome! c: I'll get'cha added on my steam accounts tonight!

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    Looking forward to seeing more from you. :3

    Also if you ever wanna game that'd be fun. I love me some TF2. <:

    As for other games I don't know if you care for the Battlefield series but BF4 can be had for cheap these days. O: I play that a lot. Also CS:GO.