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The invasion has begun... by Polar-Tang

Phhttt it seems I never update this thing. But anyway, winter is finally over which means it's getting warmer and I can finally open my bedroom window and let the fresh air in after being permanently shut for months, feels great. Best thing about Spring/summer is the brighter days and warmer weather, but the downside to all that is all the flying insects invading my home. Seriously, it hasn't been Spring for long and it's still not particularly warm yet but the flying bugs are ALREADY coming in uninvited. I don't mind insects usually and deal with them on a regular basis because I have an insect eating pet, but all these flies and moths that get in and fly around my room at night drive me crazy, and it's only going to get worse as it gets warmer as the bigger ones awaken and start coming in.. dreading those big, nasty house flies that buzz around over your head or land on your face when you're trying to sleep..

Uhm.. Art-wise, I'm working on a sketch that I hope will become a full coloured traditional drawing, looks pretty good at the moment although I keep getting distracted by other things so it's taking much longer to get done.

The invasion has begun...


6 April 2015 at 05:51:13 MDT

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    You don't have a screen for your window, I take it?

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      Yup, unfortunately we don't have window screens. A lot of the insects that find their way in get in from the back door even though we've got a bug screen curtain, but that's probably down to the dog pushing it to one side going in and out when the door is left open.