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Welcome to my Weasyl! Estimated wait times are... by Firehazard

I see there's been yet another surge in traffic on here lately; hopefully most of the new and returning users will actually stick around for more than a few months this time. So first of all, hi to all my new followers! None of you seem to have left any comments; I'd love to know what you like the most and least about what you've seen from me so far, and what you're itching to see more of.

However: You've caught me at a bit of a bad time, because my video card recently went spluddo, and Photoshop is so laggy without it that it's basically unusable. So the various projects I've been working on are on hold until I can find a good deal on a replacement, preferably something more recent so I won't have to replace it again in just a couple years. With a new generation of video games underway, it might finally be time to splurge on something over $100, but I'm still keeping my eyes open (besides, most of those new games are ungodly huge, and neither my hard drive nor my Internet connection is prepared to deal with that just yet).

Welcome to my Weasyl! Estimated wait times are...


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    i have a spare 9800GT if you need it. Should perform for PS but probably isn't so great for gaming.

    I'm loving the comics, the ladies, glamour shots, and OC.
    I like least the MLP stuff and other corporate characters.
    Itching to see more of (or any) NSFW content.