CLOSED: Headshot Badges - Experimental Intro Price! by Idess

I've decided to change up the types of badges I offer at conventions, and am going to start offering Digital Headshot badges for at-con work instead of my usual bust badges.
These Headshot Badges are new so I need some examples to share at my table!
I am expecting to offer these for $30 at cons; but since you'll be doing me a favor by offering to be a guinea pig, I'm doing them for $20 + shipping right now! :)

I do not have examples of these, obviously, but they will be colored and shaded just like my digital badges ( but will just be the heads (similar to my headshot sketches; with the name alongside.

To be EXTRA helpful, I also REALLY want to try out my new Square Cash account, so I am asking for payment through there if possible!$idess
^That is my Cash page, when I confirm your commission you just send the money through there! You don't need an account, just a debit card!
If you really really want one of these badges and do not want to pay through Square Cash, I also accept Dwolla (you need a Dwolla account). I will not be accepting Paypal for these commissions.

If you are interested in getting one, please email me at or comment here with your email address! I will have you fill out a simple form and ask for your shipping address if you want the printed and laminated badge shipped to you, though that is optional (I can also just send a digital file for you to print yourself if you'd like).

1. Omi
2. Novashepherd
3. Binaryfox

Thank you!

CLOSED: Headshot Badges - Experimental Intro Price!


2 April 2015 at 10:02:15 MDT

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