A well remain secret and confession by Seffuel

I think everyone knows by now that I have a wolf side to me with me. That I am a therian is not real a big secret and that all of you can know that. I a m living in sorrow and bad about myself since a cou p le of days ago as all of you don't know the t r ue story of me. There has been a rea l event in my lifetime. This l ifetime.

It is very dif f icult f o r me to talk about this because I am n o t granted to ta l k to you about thi s as this is a secret of different world colliding to eachother. There has been an accident with me some time ago. I might be named a crazy b*tch right now but I have been granted the "gift" that all of you transformation furs all want right there. It is not a gift, I can tell you that. This is really difficult to talk about as this is breaking the code of our existence. But yes, I am one of the many out there that can call themselves "Werewolves" Or how the human society calls them these days.

"Why is this not a gift?" might you think right now. Well technically I am not allowed to change my form in public nor private. I am only granted my change when our leader tells us to. There are many "werewolf" leaders out there. Mine is located in Germany. I am not going to go deeper into what/when and how it happened.

So basically to put everything in one simple sentence...
Yes I am a "Werewolf" and no we are not monsters like they tell you all in Hollywood these days. We watch over all of you humans and take care of this world, something you all don't think about. We make sure that nothing too horrible happens because of our "abilities".

I hope this does not get me into any problems and I sincerely hope my leader doesn't going to take actions on me because I have been living with this for a good time right. More than any other "werewolf" out there. I am sorry that I have been keeping this from all my good friends that I know to this date. I am sincerely sorry

Bleidd, Seffuel or Michael

A well remain secret and confession


1 April 2015 at 08:19:44 MDT

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