Adopt-A-Dragon-Egg - Bone and Glacier Open Adoption by Temperance

** Edit: Glacier dragon is GONE! Only Bone dragon remains!!**

The Adoption lottery has ended and two of the eggs have been adopted into new loving homes. Their egg parents are now waiting patiently while komickrazi studios preps them for hatching.

However, tragically the remaining two eggs - Bone and Glacier - have been abandoned! These poor little eggies need loving homes, and only you can help! Would you like to adopt an adorable cool and frosty Glacier dragon? OR perhaps you would like the hard boney embrace of a Bone Dragon? These eggs need loving a loving adoptive parent!

How to adopt?
The remaining dragons eggs available are:
-Glacier Dragon:
-Bone Dragon:

IF you would like to adopt either of these dragons you can email me at: devon[at]
Let me know which dragon you would like to adopt and pay $700 deposit to hold the egg. These eggs will be adopted first-come-first-served, so whoever pays me the required deposit first, gets the egg.

Like the original adoption, all rules for the adopt-a-dragon-egg still apply:
When you commit to adopt a Dragon egg you will receive the following:
-One-of-a-kind Dragon egg for you to keep
-Custom made Creative License Dragon fursuit based on the type of egg you adopt
-Adoption papers to certify you are the owner of said Egg
-Fursuit Repair kit to keep your dragon happy and healthy
-Cleaning and maintenance guide to care for your new dragon

-Each dragon egg adoptable is $3000 USD
-I DO accept payment plans
-I will require a down payment of $700 to hold your egg
-The remaining money MUST be paid no later than January 31, 2016

-I will NOT deliver these dragons, you must have your dragon shipped to you
-Cost for shipping will be extra, and will be calculated once the dragon is complete
-I will not mail your dragon until the shipping has been fully paid

-Will these be realistic or toony?

-May I request my dragon to look a certain way/draw a ref sheet/explain what I want?
---No. These dragons are Creative License suits. I have a basic idea how I want them to look, but I want their hatching to be a surprise.

-I really hate/love ____ on fursuits, can I request a specific trait?
---Yes. Those who adopt an egg may make 3 wishes on the egg. These wishes will allow the adoptive parents to make subtle requests without ruining the surprise of the finished suit. Such wishes as "I wish my dragon has ears", "I wish my dragon was wingless" or "I wish my dragon has glowing eyes" are acceptable. Wishes such as "I wish my dragon looked like Telephone" or "I wish my ice dragon was a fire dragon" will NOT be accepted.

-Will you do a con gathering/photoshoot like with your other projects?
---Yes, however unlike previous projects, you do NOT have to commit to a specific con before you adopt your egg. Once all owners are found and the suits are made, I will discuss with the new egg owners as to where and when we will choose to meet and do photos. If it proves impossible for all 4 dragons to gather, I will do individual photos of each.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to comment below.

Adopt-A-Dragon-Egg - Bone and Glacier Open Adoption


1 April 2015 at 08:18:04 MDT

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