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Second Entry and Busy Times by mlgscribe

I haven't been on much in the past week.. or two. Which was not my intention, but I've been rather busy. I have a few things on my hard-drive that I plan on posting soon, along with some writings, but it may take me a bit before I get them up here sadly.

Reason being is that I just got a new job. I originally was working in retail as a part-time associate and I made minimal money at best, but my new job is an office job, so I've been having to really focus on training and put everything I have into it so I can get used to everything. That also included a whole change in my sleeping schedule too, which has completely thrown me for a loop. I'm usually a night owl who can stay up to 5-6 in the morning without a hitch and then sleep through most of the day, but now I'm having to adjust to waking up at 6am.

Once I'm all settled, I'm sure my stuff will be posted- though I do have a V-day picture that is almost done, so I'm going to try and get that up tomorrow and hope for the best.

-Scribe Out

Second Entry and Busy Times


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    Ah, congrats on your new job! ^_^

    My sleep patterns are gonna give me hell too, I've been waking up whenever I want and about the same for going to sleep. xD

    You'll do great at it though, I know it; you really seem to be giving it your all! :D

    I hope that your transition goes as smoothly as possible and that you're happier with this job! ^_^