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Actually... by Karaken

I am thinking about just giving in just in general. Pictures are not doing for me what they used too, I am finding less and less joy in them as my short life passes. I am also just feeling very very heavily under appreciated by people in general as well. Despite my ailments and all, I try to not let them get in the way of things and I go out of my way for people and people just can not do the same for me at all. It is true that you shouldn't just do things and expect to come full circle to you, but it is just disheartening when people just never seem to be able to do things for you at all but they go around and do stuff for people all the time.

Surmise to say, I am just giving up on a lot of things and I am thinking of just shutting down.



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    In a sense, i know that feeling, while i may not have it as harsh as you do, don't let others discourage you. I personally would like to see you keep going, even though I'm little to no help likely.

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    Dude....hugs you tight

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    i can sympathize, I hope you will keep going, but if you truly feel you need to, there is nothing to stop you, I will miss your fine work, but as I do not know you well, I cannot say anything to prevent you from going, I will be sad, but as I do not know you my opinion should be considered very limited, I would urge you to listen to those you call friends, not one such as I, if you no longer enjoy your work, then in most cases a severe overhaul is usually needed to pop out of such a funk.