Commissions! Limited time offer! by Amethyst Mare

I will be taking my writing work to a professional level come the new tax year and registering as self-employed with Arian Mabe as my working title. This means that there will be a small increase in prices to cover tax: 3 GBP per 1,000 words. So prices are changing from 13 GBP per 1,000 words to 16 GBP per 1,000 words.

HOWEVER, I'm offering "pay up front" commissions at my normal rate of 13 GBP per 1,000 words until midnight on April 12th. These will be completed in order of payment, starting from April 5th 2015. Generally, I expect to write 15,000 words per week while taking this as my primary work.

Terms & conditions:

  • Payment must be made between April 5th and April 12th, when invoiced.
  • Payment is not to be made before April 5th 2015 due to the financial year.
  • After April 12th, commission rates become 16 GBP per 1,000 words.
  • Communication must be via e-mail ( in case the site (FA, SoFurry etc) crashes and we can't communicate via PMs.
  • All other writing T & Cs apply as normal, standard practice.

Further commission information can be found here:

I am happy to write ANYTHING except for cubs in adult erotica and that is my only limit. I have an excellent catalogue of stories at my back and I am willing to write about any pairings you can come up with! Don't forget that I can also write clean stories and am well versed in various genres with a particular focus on fantasy, adventure, gothic, drama, romance and stories dealing with mental health issues (as a personal area of interest).

If you are able, please share this journal and note that I am open for commissions. I'm going through a rough patch (a mistake I made is going to have some serious consequences in the future) and I need all the commissions I can receive, for my sanity and my financial health.

Thanks and be well!

Ammy -x-

Commissions! Limited time offer!

Amethyst Mare

30 March 2015 at 08:17:08 MDT

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