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Oh, hey, hi! by Invee

Wow it's been forever and a day since I've posted a journal. Gasp! Don't worry, I'm still floating around in space somewhere :D

I noticed that a small influx of you guys started following me these past couple days. Many of your look familiar from FA! Nice to see you again and thanks for following me here, but if you're seeing my art for the first time, thanks for following and welcome!

I'm assuming most of you are moving here due to the recent events that have been going on at FA, what with the hand-off to IMVU and all... I have been keeping some tabs there since my older artwork is still on display there. Which leads me to a question for you all: Is it safe to leave my artwork up there at all? Or should I take it down altogether? What are other artists doing in this situation? I know many don't approve of the purge approach, and I know a lot of rumors have been floating around in regards to artist's rights, but with so many question unanswered it leaves me in an uncomfortable spot.

Ultimately, I know the decision is mine. But it'd be nice to get a second opinion (or 5) about the matter and how you would approach this... interesting... scenario.

What do you guys think? What are you guys dealing with right now? Tell me about your situation! Also feel free to veer off the beaten path and tell me how you are in general. I also would like to make more of an effort to stay active in this community so let's chat! :) I'd love to get to know all you just a little more.

To change the subject a bit, I've come down with the flu. My boyfriend is, and has been, taking very good care of me over the last few days by bringing me soup, meds, and cleaning up my computer. A jack of all trades, that man. :) I mustered up the strength today to make a lifetime supply of homemade chicken noodle so my boo-thang doesn't have to keep going out to get some. He's been so busy at work that he comes home to take care of me. Hopefully I'll be right as rain middle of next week. No improvements on symptoms so far, but I'm not getting worse either. It's a step in the right direction. ^v^

EDIT I'm going to be leaving my old artwork up on FA. I see that there really is no sense in purging and still want those to enjoy my art despite the descisions the staff has every right to make. This doesn't change the idea that I probably won't be going back to FA for personal reasons and I would still like to hear what's on your mind!

Oh, hey, hi!


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    From what I understand, anything you posted before the buy out.. or merge.. or whatever they want to call it.. will be under the old rules. Anything posted after would be questionable.

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      Oh that's very nifty to know. I was not aware of that (Minor details :P)! Thanks!

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        I'm not sure that's accurate. How would you enforce that?

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          With a mighty thumb!
          But seriously, good point.

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            I just don't see how they could do that, FA doesn't own your content in the first place, they host it. Youtube was bought by google, and everything is still fine. FA has been operating this way for two months, and improvements have been seen. Some people just have a grudge against FA or IMVU, founded or unfounded, I don't know. Regardless, your content on FA is as safe as it is anywhere on a global network of information.

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    Feel better soon.

    The sale happened two months ago, and I feel folks are way overreacting. Things are improving at Fa, nothing's crashed or gone wrong, and Fa is still independently run. The sky isn't falling.

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      Holy links, batman!

      Well, this should clear up any questions I, or others, might have. Laughs. Even though I don't use FA anymore, I'd rather hear all it from the horses mouth so there's no confusion on the matter.

      You're very much right about the overreaction part. Folks usually take things a little far to begin with, and I think it's -because- Neer waited two months to say anything about it only made it more of an overreaction. I think it's the fact that it came out of no where that some people were caught a little off guard. (Even though it's his decision) In that same vein, though, if it's been two months already and nothing has drastically happened so far, there's really no need for people to be up in arms.

      This is all more of a conversation starter than anything. To be clear, my jimmies aren't rustled over the matter and since I'm not on FA much anymore I just wanted to know what that meant for the art that is still there if I decide to not get rid of it altogether.

      The links you provided should help with that :D

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        Oh yeah, I'm still on both FA and here, but I just don't see what the big deal is.

        I don't think Neer had a choice, from what I understand business contracts cannot be discussed before the sale is final, in part I'm sure because of how stocks go with big companies and so on. IMHO, I don't think he did anything wrong, I think it's more likely furries DO NOT understand law or business law. Also, given that two months have gone by and now you can edit comments, I'm saying things aren't bad.

        Oh yeah, I know, though with this IMVU sale, rumor, disinformation and misinterpreted reading of legal documents is rampant, and it's ridiculous.

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          Right. Neer could have been under NDA.

          I think you pretty much hit the nail right on the head by mentioning in your other comment that some just have a grudge against the sites, and even those running it. They're out for blood and want to be mad about something, I suppose.

          Those that are choosing to leave FA is their perogative, of course, but if it's all over this they should take the time to research, then make a decision before jumping the gun. Packing up, and leaving maliciously isn't going to help. Not saying that weasyl isn't a great site! I love it! But if people are flat out leaving because of the decision and not the outcome coming from it, it's definitely from a place of untrust towards the admins.

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            I suspect that he was, and most folks are already condemning him just because they don't like him, or they think something he's done was wrong, and I tend to think they're judging him with the eyes of someone that has never played a sport but is perfectly happy to heckle a professional sports team. Plus they know what they're talking about.

            I don't mind if someone chooses to leave a website or anywhere else, as long as they are doing it for adult reasons and in an adult manner.

            Not like this.

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              LOL. Oh man. That was gold xD

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                I know, right? It isn't just furries! I saw that and I was like.... OMG. I so know people that have done that. I know one person that did it three times on FA and is still there under another username. LOL.