My Next Comic Story by Lobst

  • I've written the script out and reviewed it dozens of times. It's 14 pages long and I'm proud of it! I'll be doing layouts for it soon.
  • It's 100% worksafe (as much as furries can be, at least), but incredibly personal. One day I'll have a comic I can show to my family without hesitation.
  • It stars Svetlana with appearances by Clover, Robyn, and Grace, and takes place before That Curious Sensation. (I've pretty much resigned myself to telling their stories as out-of-order vignettes.)
  • I had to take a physical real-life solo walking trip as research for it. It aggravated my anxiety, but it was worth it.
  • It's called "Dragon Quest".

My Next Comic Story


26 March 2015 at 01:31:06 MDT

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    Looking forward to reading it when you get it done.
    Remember: you're super awesome! You can do this!

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      Thank you; it means a lot to me to hear that! And I'm looking forward to having it done :)

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    Will it involve Slimes? Drackies? Orcs? Archdemons? THIS IS IMPORTANT \(°3°)/

    Best of luck on the project! :D

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      ALL my stories involve slimes in one way or another, friend~
      Thanks for the support! :D