Why I Dislike LootCrate (And Services Like it) by irick

It's not because it's not a good deal, it's not because the selection of goods is subpar and it's not because of any reason that can be justified as a consumer.
I've heard of LootCrate and other services billed as "Comicon in a Box", which I believe embodies my complaints about it. LootCrate takes the idea of 'geekdom' and packages it into a monthly, thought free box of kitsch. The only moment in your life each item represents is the moment that you open that box. It is such a pure expression of consumerism, of materialism and of shallowness that it frankly seems an insult to the community it targets itself to. I like the idea of bulk purchasing, i've seen services similar to this for things like Magic The Gathering where each month you get some new boosters, or sites like MassDrop which bring goods down in price for their members by having everyone pledge for a bulk sale. These are good ways to hack the system of purchasing power and I approve.
The difference is that LootCrate doesn't sell items, they sell a themed service, and that theme is geek. I have had this problem before, especially with the commercialization of punk. Taking something like a subculture and making it a purely aesthetic phenomenon is insulting to it. The idea that something like Comion can be reduced to the swag, put in a box and shopped away while retaining the meaning is insulting and it seems to be preying on basic human psychology.
The idea that cultural identity is nothing more than a fungible commodity is anathema to me.

Why I Dislike LootCrate (And Services Like it)


25 March 2015 at 18:53:45 MDT

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