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Updates by Zeta-Haru

Hi watchers and everyone :o it's been a month since I wrote my last journal and I felt like sharing more of my life, I was feeling closed and that I've been lacking communication with you guys so I'm making this journal.

I've been working slowly on the current commission batch and I apologize for that and I'll end up finishing them a bit later than expected, I got a cold during the whole last week and it was really annoying how it impacted me, I felt like a zombie for the duration :/ I was also facing what I thought it was art block right before getting the cold but I hate to believe in art block or use it as a reason for not being able to draw but it happens shrug I've been working on headshots for now after failing on making sketches for full poses.

I was also using the time while I was time to play new games such as Deus Ex and Ultra Street Fighter IV, and the ones I had already. I was also investing more time on reading the first book of "A Song of Ice and Fire", I got the box set and will be finishing to read these probably by the end of the year xD but I always read 1 or 2 chapters on bed before going to sleep :3

I also got some interest for animating drawings but I'll still need to learn a lot, I think it's going to be something useful to know since I already make my own images. If you know of a good tutorial or any kind of lead on animating (flash) please drop it on the comments, I'll appreciate a lot! ^^

That's it for now, see you in the next journal and thanks for reading~



24 March 2015 at 23:40:52 MDT

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    Hope you can push past the art block! And it will be awesome to see you animate stuff :D