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K-WU #1: Settling in by Kizzneth

Yay my first weekly update over here ^^

The short: getting settled on here, still on FA too, new job and chaos atm, making cards, I suck and gonna miss my self set deadline but aiming for mid to late next month being fully done with it all.

The long: So yeah as I get things unpacked in my new home here on Weasyl I... seriously the spellcheck marks that as wrong? XD well anywho I'm getting a clearer picture of what to do. As it is a shift over here and a look to the future I'm gonna leave my old art over on FA and just bring over my fave pics to be reposted on here.

stuff over on FA will be moved to scraps instead of deleted for spring cleaning and I'm gonna be posting new stuff to here first and then to other places. ^^

Please note, I am still on FA just this is now my main so you'll find stuff here you won't anywhere else at times much like My FA page was but I'm trying to get myself better at posting things.

Other than that I have a new job so things are kinda chaotic while that settles down but tomorrow I'll be working on cards most of the day. My commission queue is almost empty (for once) and I'm really looking forward to that. I'm probably gonna be closed for a couple weeks once it's empty then I'll be opening 1-2 slots at a time to keep my times lower on them. hopefully. The card project is progressing well but I don't think I'm gonna hit my original goals of end of this month... saaad fusky >.< but I think mid next month is very viable so we'll see how it goes. end of this month was also being pretty hopeful especially given my moods as of late but working on that too.

K-WU #1: Settling in


22 March 2015 at 20:26:55 MDT

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    QwQ -pets the Kizzy- >w<

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      -nuzzles into the pets and murrs-

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    It's good to have more gender 'complicated' people here. xD

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      I'm just straight up complicated :p but that's cause I'm a girl ^^;

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        You have your gender marked as that, is why I was in error.

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          yeah but I'm also gender complicated :p so you're not wrong