Thanks for following me on weasyl! <3 by CombatRaccoon

I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to the 40 or so of you guys who followed me from FA over here to weasyl, thank you!

I did not and don't plan on moving from FA, although I am upset as well by the purchase of the site by IMVU. I will however, be working to update my weasyl, post more frequently AND new work as I complete it here.

I know since the entire IMVU buy-out things have been iffy on FA and I totally understand why many people are leaving the site. Thanks for continuing to watch me on here, it means a lot especially because freelance art has been my sole income for almost a year now. If FA does tumble, I hope that I can continue to offer the same art to you guys on here!

Thanks so much!! <3 <3


Thanks for following me on weasyl! <3


21 March 2015 at 14:47:45 MDT

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    Its all being blown out of proportion, IMO. :/

    Anywho, I was +watching you before all the controversy.... so I'll be happily looking forward to more Weasyl developments! :3

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      Yea I mean, I am definitely worried about it in some ways, but honestly I don't think it will be too big of a deal as far as changes. I'm not totally clear on what the company is expecting revenue wise but I think that they will be using the purchase to incorporate more furry stuff on their end (like in their game).

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        Perhaps? As long as they don't interfere and/or intrude upon my literary outpourings and any/all artwork shared with others, I'm content... for now. Still too early to be absolutely sure, perhaps... this is crazy. XP

        I think we should just go rooting garbage cans until then! One fur's trash is another ring-tail's treasure. ;3
        Shinies <3

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    My pleasure! OwO/

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    Look forward to double the combat and double the racoons watching you both here and there =P

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    np yo uwu can't leave your art alone!