Making a Game + Heapmau5 music video by Vet

So uh, apparently I'll be making a passion project (working for free essentially) with Smash Bros. Melee champ Mew2King, and I've inserted an 11 second clip of animation into Deadmau5's and Imogen Heap's music video for Telemiscommunications in their album "<Album Title Goes Here>".

Good stuff! So that's why I've been gone, in addition to school work. I'm back though, and will be scanning/posting stuff much more often. So how are you guys doing? What have you been up to since I've been gone?

Making a Game + Heapmau5 music video


16 February 2013 at 00:06:51 MST

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    Still working on my thesis film, as usual! I posted some of the rough animation recently. Lemme know if you want to see it and JUDGE~

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      Hell yeah I would love to see it! Best of luck with the thesis man, positive vibes sent your way!

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          This is looking super nice! The pacing, timing, follow through and arcs are all silky smooth. Overall there's a lot of interest and appeal to the character, and I really enjoy that you decide to move bits of him at a time instead of going all in and over-animating him. I can't wait to see how your tie-downs will look like when you fill the rest of the keys in. Otherwise this is looking pretty solid!

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    hey man, guess i could contact you easier from here. uh. i didnt find the facebook page xDU there are many!

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    Working on getting my driver's license. At least got the theory exam right, that's a start.

    Kinda feel iffy about the fighting game work for free thing, but probably due the lack of info in you journals. At least if it doesn't pan out, it's material you can use to promote yourself or maybe use for your own projects even.

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      Haha, yes, the theory exam is always the best way to go. I have a Driver's permit right now, but I'm not sure if they give those out in Belgium or even Europe. I wish you could totally drive through the ocean and meet me here in California!

      I feel a bit strange about the job myself, and will be requesting a form of contract soon when I break into the work more seriously.