Intro to Punkie! by PunkieZee

Welcome to my "Intro to Punkie"

"What is in a name?"

So about my name. Well you can't go by Zero for long enough and start to be confused with someone else. So I decided to take initiative into profiling a new name to work with my transition (Gender Identity). Punkie was something that spark up from PunkHeroZero. As Zero or Zerovulpes become less and less used, I was happy to be called Punkie by my peers and friends.
The name stuck and it was something I really really liked. Punkie Zee Unpaws (Unpause) was born.


Musetain (Mus-e-tain) are something of my original design but have influences from varies sources and friendly input.I hope to be able to put down a working "How to be a Musetain" Journal in the future so people can follow a solid template. In the long haul, I've been trying to keep my species from being fueled by fetish.


Here is the iffy part. In all of the internet it is hard to find a faltering name for the gender that I feel most comfortable being called. Am I gender-fuild? No. I do not like being a guy. Am I transgender (MtF)? Not really but not too far from the truth. I would love a smashing pair of tits and a feminine body to match, however, I would also like to keep my twig and berries. The closest term I could find was ,on e621, dickgirl. They defined it as such; "Also called newhalf or shemale. A dickgirl is a character who is entirely female in appearance but has a penis instead of female genitalia." This is my ideal goal and how I ID as a gender and as my fursona.


Easily put, I am a romance-sexual. Gender ID plays little role in my interest aside from my personal tastes. Those that I care about are sexually attractive to me. Showing me a picture of a fetish or celebrity and asking me "is this sexy?" Will most likely get a "meh," or "I don't know." It is just not in the cards for me to be sexually attracted to anything other than those that I deeply care about.

Real Life that I am willing to share.

I'm a gamer at heart and I work on computers. I'm working on transitioning into the gender ID that I am comfortable with. I love to hang out and just talk about what is on my mind. I'm fairly open once I get to know someone.

Why two heads?

This will be explained in another journal in the future!

Intro to Punkie!


21 March 2015 at 00:14:34 MDT

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