Adopt-A-Dragon-Egg - Winners! and request... by Temperance

Announcing two of the four winners of the Adopt-a-dragon-egg project.

Magma dragon egg was adopted by axikor

And Aeto is the proud owner of the Forest dragon egg

I have not yet received any confirmation emails from the winner of the Bone dragon or the Glacier dragon.

If you filled out an adoption form and did not get an email from me, PLEASE let me know. I emailed ALL entries with either a congratulations email or a condolence email when the adoptions closed. If the email you gave me was accidentally spelled incorrectly or if my email to you got sent to your spam you many not know if you won an egg or not.

If you won, but no longer want your egg please let me know. I promise I won't be upset if you changed or mind or something unexpected came up. There are people who would be very interested to adopt your egg.

Adopt-A-Dragon-Egg - Winners! and request...


20 March 2015 at 18:22:18 MDT

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