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Update 3.20.15 by AddleTwintone

I apologize for not uploading more journals here. I'm mostly careful in what I wanted to upload, now I see it doesn't matter as much as I thought. So, as on FA, Weasyl will also received a weekly update about what's going on in my life. :)

Ups and downs this week so let's jump straight into it.


I can do the chest thing! You know, the muscle thing where you can make them jump. I was just messing around in the mirror and thought, "That chest thing is funny. I bet I could do that." And I can! I'm slightly slow in making them jump, but the fact that I can means I'm toning my body in all the right ways. ;)


Work was crazy the first three days then calmed down as I punched through all those papers. Time for the weekend!


My package came in and holy crap is it beautiful. This to be more exact. To be in a position to get things like this is beyond my imagination. From a country boy having nothing, to someone who can live just about comfortably is a blessing. :3 (although it's the PAL region, I can still find the NTSC version rather easily.)


I will be attending Aggiecon next weekend! That is correct, I will be traveling to my first con in a long while. I'm aiming to go to Anime Matsuri the week after, but I doubt I can. I may not be there on Friday, but Sat and Sun are looking rather good.


Nintendo responded to my email about printing a Splatoon tshirt. Read the story here. Basically, they say no to everyone that asks. However, the email said there are ways to print them without needing Nintendo's approval. SO! I will be altering the image I created. It will still resemble the official image seen in the screenshot, but will be slightly different to avoid copyright claims. activates the production lines

That is my week in review. Well, the big news that isn't too personal. (excluding #1 of course. :p) What about you? Thoughts, ideas, comments, leave them down below.

Update 3.20.15


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